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Superior Quality for Higher Reliability
Asano has established advanced production and quality control systems geared to meeting the demand for extremely high quality. Stringent inspection begins with materials selection and continues through to final inspection. Careful maintenance of production facilities and use of advanced equipment for finished product inspections are part of the process, and at every stage we follow quality control manuals developed in-house. The result is unrivaled quality and reliability in every product we sell.

【Production line Design】
A High Level of Productivity

Asano designs streamlined, low-cost production lines that incorporate new processing technology. We draw on extensive production know-how and data to select and develop the most suitable equipment and facilities for your project. The result is a production that delivers fully its designed-in efficiency.


【Production Facilities】
Efficient Mass Production of High-Quality Products

Our integrated production facilities include advanced machining centers for working materials before heat treatment, automated heat-treatment facilities and hard-finishing equipment. We use a 24-hour maintenance system to that smooth and efficient production operation.
Frictional welding Plasma nitriding


【Quality Control】
Zero Tolerance for Defects

Our advanced inspection devices linked to a data analysis system makes possible detection of even micron-level deviations in product precision, while also giving detailed readings of strength and sound sensitivity. For greater accuracy, quality inspections are performed a constant-temperature environment. This uncompromising approach to quality and reliability ensures that our products meet the stringent demands of today's industries.
Hypoid Gear Measuring Instrument

Single flank tester

Involute profile & Iead measuring instrument Material tester


Home Profile Technical Labs Designing Processing Manufacturing & Quality Control